Big Horn REA would like to thank our members who have allowed us to cut trees that have grown into our lines. Big Horn is committed to providing safe and reliable power. By cutting the trees we can remove such hazards as a tree falling into a line and creating a fire or a child climbing a tree near an energized line. Further, trees in the lines could create outages and voltage problems.

Big Horn wants to remind our members that planting trees under or near overhead lines should not be done. Big Horn must maintain proper line clearance distance between our lines and trees. The costs associated with tree removal or trimming may be charged to the property owner. Just as important as overhead lines, trees planted near underground lines could also create hazards. Before you plant, make sure that you are aware of the location of the underground utilities. To be certain that you do not dig into any lines and risk serious injury or costly service interruption, make sure to call for a line locate at 811.

Big Horn REA wants to remind everyone proper selection and placement of trees away from either overhead or underground power lines can eliminate potential public safety hazards, reduce expenses related to tree removal and provide more reliable power.

Maybe your trees near the power lines do not look quite as bad as shown in the photos, but if they are in or near the power line they will create a hazard. Please give us a call and we will arrange to meet with you and have the potential hazard removed before it becomes costly to you as a homeowner.

Big Horn has contracted with a tree removal company to clear right of ways and problem trees recently. The costs to remove the tree will generally be a part of our operating costs, whereas later on the homeowner may be required to pay for the costs associated with damage to lines from trees and for tree removal.