Attaching Items to Poles

Attaching Items to Poles Is Dangerous and Illegal

Attaching signs or other objects to utility poles without the electric utility’s consent is against the law and can be dangerous for our linemen.

Signs and other illegal attachments to power poles make the poles extremely hazardous—and sometimes impossible—for line workers to climb and make repairs. It only takes a partially driven nail to a pole to cause serious injury to a line worker. Nail holes also allow moisture to enter the wooden poles, causing premature decay and the expense of early replacement.

Attachments to poles also pose a safety hazard for drivers as they impair visibility.

In addition to signs, the cooperative has also seen deer stands, bird feeders, basketball hoops, and other illegal attachments. It is often impractical and costly to send a lineman to remove pole attachments.

Big Horn REA asks the public to refrain from placing signs or other structures on power poles.

Step into the lineman’s shoes!

Big Horn line crews climb utility poles every day and in the worst of conditions. Signs, posters, basketball rims, birdhouses, or deer stands attached to utility poles can create serious hazards for our line personnel. Sharp objects like nails, tacks, staples, and barbed wire can puncture rubber gloves and other safety equipment, making linemen vulnerable to electrocution.

Please be respectful of co-op equipment and property. Fixtures not belonging to the cooperative or another utility will be removed by Big Horn REA line personnel.