Project Planning 2023

Over the next couple of months, your Board of Directors and staff will be planning for 2023! You have an opportunity to be involved with your cooperative. Big Horn wants to know if you have potential for new or additional service load requirements such as a bin dryer, irrigation motor, or home upgrade within the next year or even several years for future planning.

It is important for Big Horn to gather this information as it can be utilized in our construction work plan, scheduling, and budget. Providing this information will benefit you because we can make plans to upgrade the electrical facilities to meet any new or additional load growth of services. If system upgrades are planned for, then Big Horn can commit financial and operation resources for upcoming projects to serve the needed facilities. Otherwise, a request by an applicant for a service that would require a line conversion (i.e. from single phase to three phase power), line change, line upgrade and or a system facility betterment will require the applicant to pay the entire cost.  Big Horn is continuing to see supply chain issues in hardware, transformers, meters, and poles. We have worked diligently at ordering to meet the needs of our members but the more information we have from members in advance the better off we all are.

You can access the Project Planning sheet down below or stop by our office and fill one out. The information needs to be submitted by December 15, 2022. 

Project Planning Sheet