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Never use a power pole to support a tree stand

Hunting SAFETY

​Hunters have their sights on wild game when preparing for hunting season. A few moments devoted to safety can help prevent an accident with utility equipment.  Big Horn REA urges hunters to take precautions and be aware of potential electrical hazards while hunting.

  • Before you begin a hunt, note the location of power lines and other electrical equipment. Dense trees can make them hard to see.
  • Obey all signs that advise electrical hazards, especially when placing a tree stand.
  • Never use power poles to support a tree stand.
  • When setting up and taking down the stand, make sure you don't make contact with any overhead electrical equipment.
  • Never shoot at power lines of electrical equipment.
  • If you're using a portable generator on your trip, don't run it in a confined area.

Big Horn REA wishes you a safe and successful hunting season!

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