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Please Keep a Safe Distance from Crews While They're Working

For your safety, and ours, please maintain a safe distance from our crews. They're on the front line keeping the lights on and we'd appreciate your help keeping them safe and healthy. Approaching lineworkers can compromise their health during this pandemic and it also distracts them while they are performing critical work.

Recently, more members have been approaching our crews while they continue to work to keep the electric grid maintained and powered. We realize this may be a stressful time, and more of our members are home to observe this work near their property. But please keep in mind that the health and safety of these essential workers is paramount to keeping your power flowing. 

To protect our essential workers, we have closed our offices to walk-in traffic and dispersed our office personnel to remote work stations. We have temporarily suspended any in-home visits like energy audits, and our crews should not need access to the inside of your homes to complete their work. Field crews have available masks and gloves, and our crews will maintain a safe distance from our members while working near your property. 

Please also keep in mind that the electric system serving you delivers high-voltage electricity and our trained linemen can often be working on or near energized electrical equipment. To keep you safe from electrical dangers, and to protect the health of our vital field crews, please keep a safe distance from equipment and anyone working in the area.

We are happy to answer your questions about work being completed, so instead of approaching crews, please call our office at (307)568-2419 or (800)564-2419. We're here at a safe distance with the same commitment to power what matters to you.

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