2022 Rebate Changes

As part of our commitment to our members, Big Horn REA along with our power supplier Tri-State Generation & Transmission, is proud to offer rebates! There will be a few changes when it comes to rebates. 

Starting with a timeframe change the 120 day period will be shortened to 90 days for any consumer-member applications.

Air source heat pumps

1st tier--standard air source heat pumps have to have HSPF greater than or equal to 9.0 and SEER greater than or equal to 15. If it is 2 tons or less the incentive will be $675. If it is greater that 2 tons the incentive will be $1,800.

2nd tier--cold climate have to have a HSPF that is greater than or equal to 10.0 and SEER greater than or equal to 16. If its is 2 tons or less the incentive will be $1,000. If it is greater than 2 tons the incentive will be $2,400. Cold climate definition--minimum of 3 stages or variable speed.

Air-to-Water and GSHPs are staying at per ton

The size is based on considering unit only. Indoor cassettes or air handlers do not count towards total size. 

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

There will be an increase Level 2 residential rebate to $1,000 total for Managed chargers. A managed program can include TOU rate enrollment or direct control. All residential single-family L2 rebates cap at 50% of combined equipment and installation cost.

Realign DCFC incentives goes as follows:

-50-75 kW maximum output $3,000

-76-149 kW maximum output $5,000

-150 kW+ maximum output $7,000

Commercial Lighting

LED eligibility/approval with Design Lights Consortium (DCL) listing is required. DLC logo must be on the spec sheet or present in the DCL database. There will be a removal of T-12 upgrade *bonus* incentives.

Other changes 

For outdoor power equipment will add riding mower and the incentive will be 25% of cost up to $1,000. If there is an additional battery it will be 50% of cost up to $1,000. The batteries must be submitted with original, equipment rebate application within the 90 day time frame from equipment purchase. Battery-only applications will not be accepted. 

The electric forklift incentive will increase to $5,000. While the electric pallet jacks qualify at $1,500. 

Removal of Rebate Products

Sometimes we have to get rid of products to try rebates for something else. With that being said we will be removing:

All electric resistance water heaters will be removed except for fuel switching and managed programs. Air conditioners, terminal heat pumps, dishwashers, refrigerated case or cooler ECM motors, employee educations reimbursements and truck stop electrifications.

New Pilot Programs

Smart thermostats is something new. The incentive will be $25 and may be increased to $50 if part of an active managed program. It includes line-voltage thermostats limits of 2/5 (standard/line-voltage) per member account. 

Whole house fans are new as well! The incentive for these are $100 and replacement of new installations qualify.